Mohamed Gueye


Maryland Bobcats FC is thrilled to announce the appointment of Mohamed Gueye as our new General Manager & Director of Finance. With a wealth of experience in strategic business development and operational planning, Gueye will lead the commercial development and professional management of both footballing and non-footballing activities. Additionally, he will play a key role in fostering the growth and evolution of our club within the community and beyond.

Gueye joins us with a diverse background, serving on the coaching staff in 2023 and having over five years of experience in financial management. His responsibilities will include overseeing budgeting and fund allocations, as well as managing recruitment & contractual agreements with prospective players and individuals.

In addition to his role with Maryland Bobcats FC, Gueye has made significant contributions to our community through his sports consulting firm, which has provided services to youth, amateur, semi-professional, and now professional programs. We are excited to have his expertise focused on driving our club forward.

In his own words, Gueye expressed his excitement about the opportunity: "Thrilled and thankful for the opportunity to lead the charge of a very special vision. I take this time to call upon our community to rally behind us. With your unwavering support, we can turn our shared dreams into a reality, ignite flames of passion, and believe in something greater than ourselves."

Please join us in extending congratulations to Mohamed Gueye as he takes on this new journey with Maryland Bobcats FC. Together, let's achieve greatness on and off the field!