Match Report: Chicago House AC vs. MBFC - 10.23.2021

The Maryland Bobcats bring three points back to Maryland against Chicago House AC
Published Oct 26, 2021

Written by: Edwin Pintor


October 25, 2021 (Chicago, IL) – Back-to-back wins is what the Bobcats needed to get back on track. A 2-5 win at Seat Geek Stadium concluded the season series against Chicago House AC that saw the Bobcats win both games and take the six points. The result proved to be the Bobcat's best game of the season. A solid performance from the backline, the midfield, and the offensive players all pitched in to get the result. 


A total of seven goals were scored in the match by both teams. Five of the goals were scored by the Bobcats, including three by Captain Kay Banjo. Tunde Akinlosotu and Adam Yingling both scored the first professional goals of their careers to seal the perfect night for Maryland.


Maryland came to Chicago after a win at home against the House; however, the Bobcats had only won a game as visitors (against Stumptown) during the fall season. However, the team knew if they played their game to perfection, a win was possible. Last Saturday, the midfield won the game helping both lines, and today's game was no different. Again, the midfield helped both lines play to Coach Okpodu's desire.


The night could have ended poorly for the Bobcats as the game did not start their way. A quick start to the game as the House got an early goal scored by Nazeem Bartman in the 5th minute of the game as he found a rebound given by Bobcat keeper Joel Isyaq after a cross by Derek Huffman on the right. It was an unlucky start to the game by the Bobcats as the dressing room goal scored by Chicago changed their game plan tactics. A corner kick for the House found Bartman again, but his header went just wide of the corner post. The House had no intentions of slowing down in their search for their second goal of the night to give the House a comfortable cushion.


The Bobcats could have easily played the game out in a search not to concede any more goals, but the Bobcats had a different decision; to win. A long-ball-found midfielder Pilawe Pato who sought Alex Kao for assistance. The ball was given to Kay Banjo, who gave a stellar pass to Tunde Akinlosotu, who found himself in a 1v1 situation with the keeper. Akinlosotu patiently put the ball to the right of the net; impossible for the keeper to save. The goal scored in the 14th minute was Akinlosotu's first professional goal in his career; the Bobcats tied the game after a slow start. In the 17th minute, Mason recovered a ball in the midfield and instantly passed possession to Banjo, who found himself free on the wing. His shot was deflected by Chicago's defender, which led to a corner kick. The corner, kicked by Pato, was executed to perfection as the ball found Banjo's head, who angled the ball to the left corner of the goal, impossible for the keeper.


An emergency sub occurred in the 30th minute as Davey Mason could not continue in the game due to a muscular injury. In his place, Morian Moussi came into the game. A great ball recovered by Akinlosotu led to a cross placed by Forka that took a deflection but found Banjo, who passed the ball to Karpeh Jr. Still, he was unable to find some space. Karpeh passed the ball to Banjo, who shot the ball first touch, the ball was deflected by the defender, and fortunately for the Bobcats, the ball leaped the keeper and went into the goal, a third goal for MBFC, and a second for captain Kay Banjo in the 35th minute.


As the half ended, the House was looking for a goal to minimize the goal advantage by the Bobcats. However, the Bobcat defense was locked in the rest of the game. The referee blew the whistle to signal the end of the first half. The Bobcats went into the break with a 2-goal lead, with the score being 3-1.


Before the start of the second 45 minutes, Chicago House made their first substitution of the night. Wojciech Wojcik came into the game for Leonardo Acosta. Although not much happened in the first 20 minutes of the match, Chicago came out with a different attitude, a more offensive side that although there was no danger to Isyaq's goal, the House had more possession of the ball and were being more offensive. A cross by House player Ian Cerro was looking to find Wojcik, but the referee blew his whistle and led to the penalty spot, a controversial call that could have gone either way. Regardless, Wojcik took the penalty kick and converted in the 67th minute. A 70th-minute header by Wojcik tested Isyaq, but the danger was controlled. However, the House was not slowing down as they searched for the equalizer.


In the 76th minute, the Bobcats made a substitution that saw Taylor Gray come in for Andy Alvarado to pursuit counterattack soccer. Another sub occurred in the 81st minute when Adam Yingling came in for Molley Karpeh. As the House sought the equalizer, the bobcats found a counterattack opportunity in the 92nd minute as Adam Yingling stole a ball from the House striker and put the pass to Alex Kao. Kao set up a through ball to Kay Banjo, who did not hesitate to hit "de Primera" in the top right corner. Once again impossible for the Chicago House goalie. With this goal, Kay Banjo completed his perfect hattrick. However, the Bobcats were not done with the goal festival with less than a minute left of extra time. Taylor Gray recovered the ball in the midfield and immediately sought Banjo, who saw saved his shot. With the rebound being given to Banjo once again, he showed no selfishness and passed the ball to Akinlosotu so he could shoot. Still, the keeper blocked the ball again, and again the rebound found Banjo, who headed the ball to Yingling, who arrived in the box and hit the ball with anger, leaving no chance for the defenders or the keeper defending the net.


A very impressive showing by the Bobcats, who still have points to collect but are on the right track as they pursue the top four in the league. Still undefeated against Chicago House AC, the Bobcats will look to continue their positive results for the season's final games.


Now 4-3-7, the Bobcats will host Chattanooga FC in NISA's Match of the week at the Germantown SoccerPlex next Saturday, October 30.



Maryland Bobcats FC: Isyaq (GK): Forka, Dengler, Fane, Mason (Moussi 30’); Kao, Pato Alvarado (Gray 76’); Akinlosotu Banjo (C), Karpeh Jr. (80’)

Subs: Olofinsua (GK); Moussi, Dawkins, Yingling, Balogun, Gray

Goals: Banjo (21’, 35’, 92’), Akinlosotu (15’) Yingling (94’)

Bookings: NA


Chicago House AC: Novotny (GK); Requejo (Morris 80’), Ribeiro, Sulia, Bowie; Conner (C), Kidd, Acosta (Kim 45’), Huffman (Wojcik 45’); Cerro, Bartman

Subs: Barnes, Abidor, Kim, Kafari, Wojcik, Morris, Bennett

Goals: Bartman (4’), Wojcik (66’)

Bookings: Ribeiro (56’)